Saturday, October 11, 2014

Human relationships: Links


The Rawness - More Examples of World-Creation - An revealing article demonstrating how your own thoughts can act as self-fulfilling prophecies in your social life.

Mark Manson - Attachment Theory - An excellent introduction to the attachment theory.

Le Monde de Baller - Asking A Woman Out On A Date - Sometimes a single picture can be worth a thousand words.

Dr. NerdLove - No More Mr. Nice Guy - Being "nice" is a good personality trait, but if it is used as an strategy to make friends or lovers, it might fail miserably. Consider also reading the addendum.

The Rational Male - There is no One - A nice essay on the potentially harmful idea that there is one "right person" for each of us ("The Soulmate Myth").

The Rawness - Priority Analysis and Narcissism of Small Differences - Many of the relationship problems arise from our unability to understand the perspective and needs of the other person.

The Rawness - Why Men Fear The Numbers Game - Despite the fact world is full of excellent relationship candidates for everybody, many people have trouble finding and attracting one.

The Rawness - Broken Window Relationship Theory

Mark Manson - Change Your Mind About Dating

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