Saturday, October 11, 2014

Human relationships: Links


The Rawness - More Examples of World-Creation - An revealing article demonstrating how your own thoughts can act as self-fulfilling prophecies in your social life.

Mark Manson - Attachment Theory - An excellent introduction to the attachment theory.

Le Monde de Baller - Asking A Woman Out On A Date - Sometimes a single picture can be worth a thousand words.

Dr. NerdLove - No More Mr. Nice Guy - Being "nice" is a good personality trait, but if it is used as an strategy to make friends or lovers, it might fail miserably. Consider also reading the addendum.

The Rational Male - There is no One - A nice essay on the potentially harmful idea that there is one "right person" for each of us ("The Soulmate Myth").

The Rawness - Priority Analysis and Narcissism of Small Differences - Many of the relationship problems arise from our unability to understand the perspective and needs of the other person.

The Rawness - Why Men Fear The Numbers Game - Despite the fact world is full of excellent relationship candidates for everybody, many people have trouble finding and attracting one.

The Rawness - Broken Window Relationship Theory

Mark Manson - Change Your Mind About Dating

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    It seems that the links are outdated. Do you have the updates ones by chance?

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      The "Rawness" blog was unfortunately removed by the author of the blog. I guess that is the main issue with the links... :\

      I need to revise this article but currently I have too many other priorities. I'm still personally trying to improve my knowledge on human relationships, and it would be nice to write something wise on the topic at some point of my life.

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